Evertz Connected 2021 Fall Edition

Evertz Connected 2021 Fall Edition

Evertz is excited to announce the return of Evertz Connected 2021 Fall Edition.

Evertz Connected 2021 Fall Edition is a unique virtual experience that gives customers and partners VIP access to engage Evertz experts on the challenges the pandemic has posed to the industry over the past year. Customarily, this season's event will feature detailed product videos, presentations, demonstrations, educational tools and live streams.

Evertz Connected 2021 Fall Edition will focus significantly on the the new technology and virtual production tools Evertz has designed to assist customers in making their remote and cloud-based workflows more efficient. Attendees will discover how to improve their distributed productions, account for remote or work-from-home (WFH) operators, how to manage contribution source types across various types of networks (managed or unmanaged), and much more.

Additional Topics of Interest:

If you've already registered for one of our previous interactive events, such as Evertz Connected 2020 or EvertzAV Interactive, you may use your same login credentials to access the Evertz Connected 2021 Fall Edition website.

We hope you enjoy Evertz Connected 2021 Fall Edition!

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